Paradeschild, Mitte 17. Jh
© Museen des Moskauer Kreml, Foto: W.N. Serjogin, S.W. Baranow

Between Orient and Occident. Treasures of the Kremlin from Ivan the Terrible to Peter the Great

In 2006 the Grünes Gewölbe presented an exhibition at the Moscow Kremlin Museums under the title “The Jewel Cabinet of August the Strong”. Now, six years later, the host museums are paying a return visit to Dresden:

  • DATES 01/12/2012—04/03/2013


Around 140 masterpieces from the Moscow Kremlin Museums are on show in a special exhibition in the State Apartments of Dresden’s former Royal Palace (Residenzschloss). They include items from the collection of European silver from the Kremlin Armoury, sumptuous garments, precious jewellery and vessels, as well as arms produced by Turkish and Persian craftsmen. These objects will be complemented by 23 items on loan from the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen and the Saxon State and University Library (SLUB), and also from the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel.

eine reich verzierte Schale aus Gold
© Museen des Moskauer Kreml, Foto: S. W. Baranow
Deckelschale, Werkstätten des Kremls, Moskau, 1694 Gold, Edelsteine, Email, H: 10,4 cm


This is illustrated by the lavish objects purchased by the Tsars and presented to them as gifts by foreign ambassadors from both west and east. In addition, the Kremlin workshops – inspired by the numerous diplomatic gifts – produced precious items of goldsmith’s art, garments and ceremonial weapons which combined European and oriental tastes with ancient Russian traditions to create objects of perfect form. In this way, the accumulated treasures demonstrated the Tsars’ attitude of openness to the world and were an essential aspect of courtly display. To contemporaries, they demonstrated the power and wealth of the Russian Empire, and their fascination for today’s visitors is no less great.

ein reich verzierter Zeremonialstreitkolben
© Museen des Moskauer Kremls, Foto: W. N. Serjogin, S. W. Baranov
Zeremonialstreitkolben (Schestopjor), Mitte 17. Jh Istanbul, Holz, Gold, Smaragde, Rubine, Almandine, Email, L: 69 cm

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